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Unlock the Mysteries of Prosperity and Ancient Runes

Discover a world of possibilities with our collection of transformative texts. 'The Sorcerer's Screed' guides you through spells and rituals for life's many challenges, while our volume on Fuþark runes reveals the arcane symbols that shaped the ancient world. Immerse yourself in these timeless teachings to unlock the doors to wisdom, love, and prosperity.

Runes: The Icelandic Book of Fuþark
Runes: The Icelandic Book of Fuþark

People have been intrigued about Fuþark runes for centuries as their symbolism and meaning have been shrouded in mystery. Infused with Norse mythology, the Fuþark runes still serve as a vital key to the cultural heritage of the Icelandic people.

Sorcerer's Screed
Sorcerer's Screed

Would you like to increase your prosperity, secure the love of the man or woman of your dreams, seek protection from evil forces or grumpy neighbours, catch a liar or raise the dead? If so, the Sorcerer‘s Screed is just the book for you.

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Venture into a realm where ancient wisdom meets modern curiosity. Our blog dives deep into the enchanting landscapes of Iceland, the mystique of old Norse magic, and the intricate symbolism of ancient runes. Each article is a journey designed to ignite your imagination and enrich your knowledge. From captivating legends to practical tips on using runes in daily life, there's something for every seeker. Stay curious, and explore with us.