The Icelandic Magic Company

We at The Icelandic Magic Company are passionate about bringing stranger sides of Icelandic literature, subcultures and heritage into the global limelight. Our online store offers our books, and there are more to come, along with selected merchandise associated with our publication. We also aim to provide our visitors with a broader glance into our world with articles on whatever comes to the mind of a person from Reykjavik.

Company Information
The Icelandic Magic Company (an imprint of Lesstofan ehf.)
Eskihlíð 10
105, Reykjavík

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The Blog on Icelandic Wonders, Norse Magic, and Runes

Venture into a realm where ancient wisdom meets modern curiosity. Our blog dives deep into the enchanting landscapes of Iceland, the mystique of old Norse magic, and the intricate symbolism of ancient runes. Each article is a journey designed to ignite your imagination and enrich your knowledge. From captivating legends to practical tips on using runes in daily life, there's something for every seeker. Stay curious, and explore with us.