Gunnar Nelson is an Icelandic mixed martial artist currently competing in the Welterweight divsion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Gunnar is without a doubt Iceland’s best UFC fighter and is known for his calm and laid back attitude.

On Saturday the mixed martial artist returned to the octagon from nearly a year long layoff and defeated Alan Jouban in the UFC Fight Night 107. Gunnar opted to go for his nasty submission moves to put an end to the fight with a guillotine instead of proceeding to ground and-pound his opponent, according to Gunni that was the more “tactical” move available.

The ancient Icelandic magic stave, Veldismagn (or Power Amplifier) has followed Gunnar into most of his UFC fights, and is believed to increase power and provide protection. One is supposed to paint it with ones blood and carry it close to ones body at all times. Then nothing evil will harm you, and you will be healthy and free of sickness when travelling.

Find out more about the Power Amplifier in Sorcerer's Screed. 

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