RUNES: Exhibit Opening

RUNES: Exhibit Opening

We celebrated the publication of Runes: The Icelandic Book of Fuþark with an exhibition of the artwork from the book in the Culture House, Reykjavík. 

Sigurður Oddsson the graphic designer who created Runes' timeless and tasteful look, also designed posters, cards and an example of how Icelandic street signs could look when using runes. 

Ingólfsstræti is a street in the city center of Reykjavík. This is what it would look like in runes as well. That's an idea for the city council. 

Cards with runes from the book were popular among guests, who wrote their names, words or poems (and some even felt the need to experiment with cursing in runes ...) 

Sigurður Oddsson, the artist and Teresa Dröfn Freysdóttir Njarðvík, the wordsmith. A true dream team

People tend to forget that runes were used for reading and writing up until the nineteenth century here in Iceland. We are hoping to contribute to the revival of that lost knowledge. The children at the exhibition were incredibly enthusiastic, perhaps runic reading and writing might become a common knowledge sooner rather than later. 

Interested guests discussing Siggi's beautiful posters. 

Read more about Runes: The Icelandic Book of Fuþark. 

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